Zoom Suit #1 TEAM ZOOM Edition Unprecedented Offer

Zoom Suit #1 TEAM ZOOM Edition
Limited to 5,000 Copies
Cover by Bill Tucci
Written by John Taddeo
Pencils by Billy Dallas Patton

It all started in February when retailers received a very special and unannounced gift with their February order catalog, a complete “Sample” edition of Zoom Suit #1!  This was an unprecedented offer to comic shop retailers, who are often forced to place orders blindly – sometimes without even seeing cover art, or knowing the creative team!

Retailers could see, feel touch and smell (yes, smell – the Metal Effects ink has an oddly pleasing smell) Zoom Suit #1.

In addition to the amazing cover art by fan favorite artist Bill Tucci, the Team Zoom Edition featured “Metal FX” printing – from “Cover to Cover!”

Production Quality

Step 1

Another industry first, everywhere the Zoom Suit appeared in the comic it glistened with hundreds of thousands of fully metallic colors!  The patented MetalFX technique was spot applied to the cover as well as every single page in Zoom Suit #1.  The result was the alien Zoom Suit “Popped” off the page.

Step 2

The amazing MetalFX process lays down a “Spot” chrome, which is then covered with translucent Red, Yellow, Blue.  The result is millions of metallic colors – and the brilliant eye-popping look of the alien Zoom Suit in the worlds first Ultra-Premium Comic Book Zoom Suit #1.


Traditional vs. Staccato DPI

Zoom Suit also featured a 600 DPI (Dots Per Inch) “Staccato” printing process for a super high definition, HD TV look.  Most periodicals and all comics are printed in full 300 DPI.  The 600 DPI in Zoom Suit allowed for super clarity which enabled John Taddeo to fill the pages with tiny details, hidden messages, clues, gags and “Easter Eggs”.

Shiny objects and great cover art can catch a retailers eye, but it’s the story that keeps them coming back – and back they came!  The Team Zoom advance copy led to first issue orders that topped many “Sacred Cows” of comic fandom including Iron Man, Bat Man, Transformers, Star Wars and more!

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