Zoom Suit’s Super Rare Editions

These are the most challenging editions of the Zoom Suit comic to find and collect.  They were not offered for sale in Comic Shops, and were only available from the Superverse Direct Store, or by winning them in contests.

Zoom Suit #1 Suspended Animation Edition
Limited to 5,000
Cover by Zoom Suit Chief Animator Jorge Palacios
Written by John Taddeo
Pencils by Billy Dallas Patton

The Suspended Animation #1 Limited Edition was a giveaway at film festivals in California, New York and Florida.  It is also available at the Superverse Direct Store.  It features an actual screen shot from the animated short. The entire issue is printed with the unique “Metal Effects” process.

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Zoom Suit #1 Film Festival Metal Edition
Cover by Billy Dallas Patton
Written by John Taddeo
Pencils by Billy Dallas Patton

The Film Festival Metal Edition was given away randomly at various film festivals around the country. The cover is printed with a unique “Film Festival Metal Edition” logo and the back features the many festivals that showcased the Zoom Suit award winning animated short! This edition was also used for charity giveaways and fundraisers.

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Zoom Suit #1 Film Festival Edition, AKA, MOVIE POSTER EDITION
Cover by Billy Tucci
Written by John Taddeo
Pencils by Billy Dallas Patton

The Film Festival Edition was designed in the tradition of classic movie posters, featuring the logo at the bottom.  It is by far the rarest of the rare Zoom Suit Limited Editions.  It was only given to family members of the creative team and fans that went above and beyond the call of duty for the Zoom Suit Project.  Copies of this edition have sold for as high as $2,200.  John donates all the money raised by this edition to animal charities.

This edition was an extremely short run of under 1,500 copies.  Most were personalized with thank you messages to company insiders or friends that worked on the project.

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