Zoom Suit

Here is what the critics say about Zoom Suit:


“I am hooked. Zoom Suit has some of the most imaginative writing I have seen in ages! Finally a comic I can let my kid read, but only after I am done with it! Much like the greatest classic cartoons, this is amazing and captivating to kids while being funny and witty on an adult level. Possibly my favorite thing is all of the little jokes here and there. Random people asking why they were drawn into the frame and why they did not get a cool computer like everyone else. This one is definitely on my pull list.”

– Ronee G Bourgeois, Buzzscope

“This is a comic book fan’s comic book… Zoom Suit is a great independent book with a lot of heart, a good sized dollop of fun and plenty of zoom for your buck.”

– Jason Berek-Lewis, Broken Frontier


“Zoom Suit #1 is a fabulous looking book, an awesome read, and an engaging cast of characters. Highly recommended!”

– Kevin Noel Olson, Silver Bullet Comic Books


“Zoom Suit is fun, action packed, and it has tons of funny references to DC and Marvel heroes. If you buy only one comic ever make sure this is it!”

-Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online


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